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What could $1000 do for
your gap year?

Don’t let finances get in the way of your gap year dreams. Apply for a CanGap Gap Year Scholarship.


Our next round of scholarships will open in Spring 2023.

You know that coding course you’ve always wanted to do? 

Or that wilderness first aid training? 


Or all those little expenses that add up to start your own business? 


The camera equipment you need to become a content creator or the plane ticket you need to go learn Spanish in Spain?


Well, $1000 can help you get there.


CanGap Gap Year Scholarships are awarded to soon-to-be gap year students and gap year alum who are looking to lay a solid foundation for their future that combines purpose and passion.


Scholarships are open to students who are:

  • Canadian Citizens, permanent residents or refugees

  • Taking a gap year in the upcoming academic year 

  • Completing their gap year and transitioning onto their next step (whether that be school, work, or another gap year!).

  • Between the ages of 17 and 25


Every April and September, we offer two (2) $1000 scholarships to soon-to-be Gappers starting a gap year in the upcoming academic year. In April, we also offer one (1) $1000 scholarship to a soon-to-be gap year alum as they prepare for their post-gap year plans.


The CanGap Gap Year Scholarship fund is supported by our board of directors, donors, and alum who are passionate about supporting gap year students who may not have the finances they need to reach their gap year goals.

Here’s what the CanGap
Gap Year Scholarship is:

  • An opportunity to reach for those big gap year goals

  • A financial cushion that helps you move forward 

  • A kick-start to your EPIC and purposeful gap year

And here's what it's not:

  • A Netflix fund

  • An endless supply of pizza 

  • An excuse to do nothing with your year

  • Money to spend on tuition

What we expect as a CanGap
Gap Year Scholarship recipient:

  • Make good use of the $1000 towards your gap year plans (obvi!)

  • A sweet gig and title as a Gap Year Ambassador for the year

  • A chance to flex your influencer muscles and create awesome content all about your gap year

See terms and conditions for all of the details.

You’ll also receive a sponsored Gap Year Gameplan membership so you can transform all your new gap year skills into a certification, earn the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award, and prove to the world your potential.

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Ready to make some gap year money moves?

Register to be notified about CanGap Gap Year Scholarships in Spring 2023 for your 2023/24 gap year.

Completing your gap year in 2023? See our alum scholarship opportunities.


Got questions?
We got answers!

I’m already on a gap year. Can I apply?


I am only taking a gap semester. Can I apply?


I’m still considering if I will take a gap year, can I apply?

Absolutely! If a $1000 scholarship will help you make your decision, we highly encourage you to apply but receiving funds is contingent on you following through!

Do I need to be a Canadian citizen to apply?

Yes, you need to be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee and will be asked to show a form of identification if you win.

I am just finishing my gap year. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply for our Gap Year Alum Scholarship which opens every April. Click here to learn more!

What are the terms and conditions of receiving the application?

To review the CanGap Gap Year Scholarship official rules, click here.

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