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Meet Michelle Dittmer, Co-Founder & President of CanGap (and Ontario Certified Teacher)

Recognizing that students were not being provided with enough opportunity to get hands-on experience to develop life skills, Michelle left the classroom to explore other ways of helping young people find direction and fulfillment. She worked to train other teachers, she instructed outdoor education, she traveled for pleasure and for work and researched what today’s youth really want and need.  


All of her life experience drove her to the same conclusion – we need to slow down and give young people the space and time to figure out who they are and to engage in meaningful experiences. 


Michelle founded the Canadian Gap Year Association as an antidote to business, mental health challenges and young adults feeling confused and unfulfilled.  She has committed her professional life to giving families permission to slow down so their kids can be the best version of themselves and make a healthy transition into adulthood.

Michelle is available to speak on:

  • Gap years for Canadians

  • Gap year trends and research

  • The value of experiential learning

  • Post-secondary transitions

  • Societal culture shifts

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