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Are you a senior unsure about college/university right away?

Gain control of what's next by slowing down and making the right decisions for you.

It feels like everyone and their dog are looking at university and college pamphlets, attending fairs, and pinpointing what post-secondary program they want to apply to, but you just don’t feel ready.


Maybe the last few years have been heavy on your mental health. You may be concerned about how you’ll afford higher education. Maybe you want to experience the real world before more school.  And maybe it just doesn't feel like the right step right now.


And maybe, it’s all of the above.


Well, as cliche as it may sound, you’re not alone and the gap year pathway could just be the missing piece to bringing your life’s puzzle together (and gain clarity on what the big picture looks like!).


At CanGap, we make sure you have all the pieces you need to lead a gap year that is purposeful, goal-oriented, community filled and fun with access to events, tools, and badges that certify the skills you learn on your gap year (and that can earn you the International Student of Leadership & Humanity Award!).


It all starts with Gap Year GPS.

Considering a gap year but not totally convinced it’s for you?

Excited about your upcoming gap year but need some planning inspo?

Looking to connect
with other students exploring the gap path?


Teenager on Laptop

Feeling a little lost when it comes to all this post-secondary chatter?

Book a free 30-minute virtual chat with a gap year expert!

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