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Young Teacher

As graduates enter a post-pandemic world, we need to prepare ourselves as educators to support them with post-secondary pathways that meet the needs of their future.

Our FREE Educator Resource Portal ensures you are able to do that.

As an educator, your role is constantly shifting to support the evolving needs of your students.


Now more than ever, it’s time to start talking to them about post-secondary readiness.


Our education system has not prepared our students to be confident, independent and accountable young adults that can take on the pressure of post-secondary education, managing tuition fees, and obtaining clarity on their future (and this is even more evident since the rise of COVID-19).


In addition to mental health concerns and tuition costs on the rise (which saw a 1.7% increase in Canada in 2020!), it's no wonder 2020 research from the Brainstorm Strategy Group shows that 33% of the 17,000 post-secondary students surveyed took at least one year off after graduating high school before going into higher education.


The gap year pathway helps fill these gaps (literally!) with an intentional pause to focus on self-awareness, readiness, and financial literacy and stability, while gaining real world experience.

As a Gap Year Specialist, you are equipped with the right insight, tools and resources to support them on this future-proofing journey.

How do you identify and support gap year students in their transition?

Access our Gap Year Student Archetypes

Get to know the six common student archetypes that would benefit from taking a gap year.


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Our 3- part professional development series provides educators with what they need to know when supporting and advising students and families on the benefits, risks, and opportunities of a gap year.

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Access dozens of Gap Year Pathway tools, downloads and PD trainings in our Educator Resource Portal.

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