Media Coverage

We welcome inquiries from the media and are pleased to have been featured in several major media outlets - including CBC’s Here and NowGlobal TV, and CTV News.




High school graduates weigh the benefits of taking a gap year as September looms

- Joe Friesen


Gap year gaining popularity thanks to COVID-19




What could your new gap year look like?

- Joshua Cameron

Comment se préparer à une année sabbatique en temps de pandémie

Let's talk Education - Podcast Guest


The High Performing Student - Podcast Guest

TEDx Kanata

Check out Jay Gosslin speaking about the true value of taking a gap year.

Well worth the 17 minutes.

Canadian News, Newspaper and Magazine Articles

There has been a surge of articles published by trusted Canadian media sources.  Here is a sampling of what is being said.

CTV National News - Video

Moolala with Burce Sellery - "Taking a Gap Year"

CareerWise - "Three people your student should meet before graduating high school"

Globe and Mail - "Gap year gains traction in Canada" and "Is it worth taking a gap year after high school?"


Macleans - "Students, mind the gap (year)"


Vancouver Observer - "North Americans Catching onto Gap Year Trend"


Globe and Mail - "Why your kids shouldn't go to school in the fall"


Verge Magazine - "Gap Year Guide Book"

What are Schools, Colleges, and Universities saying?

Please check out the articles below that we have found from educational institutions who support gap years.


Harvard University - "Should I take Time off?"


Princeton University - "Creation of international 'bridge year' program"


McGill University - "Gap Year - Taking a year off"


Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario - "Gap Year for Students"


University of Regina - "UR Gap Year"


Brock University - "Global Transitions"


CanGap Twitter Coverage