Supporting the Gap Year Movement

The Canadian Gap Year Association Inc. is a registered non-profit in Canada.  We operate on a very small budget as we rely on grants, sponsorship, membership fees and partnerships to sustain our operation.  As is true with most non-profit organizations with greater societal impact, finances are our primary barrier to achieving our mission. 



If you have experienced, or innately understand the true value of supporting people to take intentional time to pause, figure themselves and the world out a little before jumping into the next phase of their education or career, we invite you to consider donating to our organization to help us work towards our common vision.  Gap Year alumni? Wish you had known about this pathway for yourself or someone you care about? Have a personal or professional interest in experiential learning? Every little bit helps.



As a non-profit, we are not able to issue charitable receipts.  We will, however, strive to communicate with all donors as to where their donations are being allocated.  Should you have a particular area of interest for your donation, please contact us and let us know how you would like to see the funds allocated. 



Thank you for your generosity and progressive and bold thinking.

Other Ways to Contribute

We recognize that not everyone is in a position to make a financial contribution but may wish to get involved in other ways.  We welcome all forms of support and contributions and aim to build a strong network of people, organizations from diverse fields and backgrounds to enhance the Gap Year Movement.

Below are a few suggestions of ways you could get involved:

  1. Volunteer your professional services (legal, accounting, graphic design, marketing, media relations, consulting, facilitation/presenting, etc.)

  2. Provide physical in-kind resources (printing or marketing material, meeting/presentation space, fair/expo/conference admissions/booth space, office supplies)

  3. Write an article for our blog, social media, testimonial page or for your local media outlets.  The more voice that can be heard, the stronger our movement will be!

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Talk about gap years and CanGap to everyone you encounter - this movement will only be successful if we can continue to tell stories and encourage others to do the same.

  5. Have another suggestion? Please Contact Us and let us know!

Thank you for your support and encouragement.