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Help us ensure all young people across Canada can pave their own unique path, without financial barriers holding them back from success.

The Canadian Gap Year Association Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit. We operate on a small budget and rely heavily on grants, sponsorship, membership fees and partnerships to sustain our operation. As is true with most non-profit organizations with greater societal impact, finances are our primary barrier to achieving our mission.

Here’s how you can support students and young adults across Canada:

Become a monthly donor

Are you a gap year alum or student on a budget that wants to support The Gap Year Movement in Canada? Subscribe as a monthly donor at just $20 per month.


Donate gap year planning resources to marginalized youth

Our 4-Step Gap Year Planner is a self-led planning portal that provides students with structured exercises, resources, and community support to plan, implement and lead a purposeful gap year that supports their personal and professional goals.


Donate a Gap Year Gameplan Membership

Our Gap Year Gameplan membership ensures gap year students have access to the planning tools and community needed to thrive during their gap year, while certifying their life skills as they work to earn the Student of Leadership & Humanity Award.


Support our Gap Year Scholarship Fund

Every year, we offer five $1000 scholarships to students in need of funding to support their experiential and intentional year off from their formal studies.


Support accessibilities and inclusion in the gap year movement by donating to our scholarship fund for 2023.


As a non-profit, we are unable to issue charitable receipts. However, we proudly communicate with all donors as to where their donations are being allocated. 

Thank you for your generosity and progressive and bold thinking.


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