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Start planning your purposeful gap year (with a whole community rooting for you!)

Our FREE resources provide you with everything you need to plan and lead a purposeful (and EPIC!) gap year.

Think of us as the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter. The Haymitch to your Katniss Everdeen. 

Our accessible gap year resources allow you to take the lead on your gap year journey with a personal team of cheerleaders as you work towards every goal.

Decision Making Tools

SHOULD you take a gap year?

Find out with our quick Gap Year Quiz!

Over 7000 students take this quiz every year to help them determine if a gap year is the right pathway for them.

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The ULTIMATE Decision Guide

Weighing the pros and cons?


Download our Post-Secondary Decision Guide and follow each question to get you recommended post-secondary pathway!

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How to talk to your parents about a gap year

Do you struggle with communicating your values and decisions to your parents?  You’re not alone! 


This guide supports you in taking the lead on the gap year conversation with your parents so it doesn’t end in tears, arguments, or guilt.

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Planning Templates

Got goals?

Maybe you’ve got 101 things you want to do on your gap year. Or, maybe you have NO idea what to do with your time.


This worksheet helps you narrow down your interests and values so you can get clear on how to make the most of this year and HOW to get started.

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How to choose a gap year program provider

Deciding on the right gap year program can be challenging when you are being introduced to multiple opportunities at once.


This download highlights a list of questions to ask a program provider to help you move forward and make a confident decision.

Female Surfer
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Diversify your gap

It’s not that easy to create a balanced schedule of experiences in your gap year. 


This worksheet will help you diversify your gap year activities so you can work towards multiple goals without burnout or overwhelm.

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Working on a passion project or new entrepreneurial venture?

Let’s help get you started by a layout of key goals, activities, deadlines, and budget needed for it to be successful.

(And when you’re ready, see if our Impact Fellowship is the right fit for you!)

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Funding your gap year

Build your

gap year budget

Not totally sure how to balance a budget or stretch the dollars you currently have saved for your gap year?


Maybe, you need help deciding which activities to include in your plans based on money coming in and going out.


This budget template helps you lay out all the dollars and make decisions about higher price point experiences.

Holding Money

Need help working with the gap year budget template or could use a refresh on working with money?

What could $750 do for your gap year?

Tell us what you're planning for your upcoming gap year and how we can help you make your gap year dreams a reality with a $750 CanGap Gap Year scholarship.


Fun Quizzes

The Gap Year Style Quiz

Is this year more about going inwards and focusing on your mental health? Or, is it about getting out there, trying new things and making new friends?


This quiz helps you get clear on what your gap year style is so you can set clear goals and set up a plan of action for making the most of this year.

The CanGap Program Quiz

GPS? Fellowship? Learning French in Quebec? Studying marine biology in Barbados?


A gap year presents so much possibility and it’s crucial to narrow down the best options for you based on your interests and values.


To help connect you with the right program, take this quiz!

The Gap Year Travel Quiz

Struggling to plan your itinerary? Not sure if you should go solo or with a program? 


This 10-question quiz helps you clarify what kind of traveler you are, experiences you would benefit most from, and provides suggestions on itineraries and programs so you can get going.

What comes next

Our 4-Step Gap Year Planner is an all-in-one instant downloadable and video guided workbook that covers the A to Z of gap year planning.


Along the way, get connected to opportunities specific to your goals, learn to master goal setting, AND earn your first digital badge in Goal Setting that you can use as a micro-certification on your LinkedIn profile.


Following completion of your plan, you have access to our gap year experts to book a call to review your plan and ensure you’re set up for success.

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