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Step into your gap year with a whole community rooting
for you.

Our resources provide you with everything you need to plan and lead a purposeful (and EPIC!) gap year. 

Think of us as the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter. The Haymitch to your Katniss Everdeen. 

Our accessible gap year programs, events and tools allow you to take the lead on your gap year journey with a personal team of cheerleaders as you work towards every goal.

Impact Fellowship

Looking to make a real impact in your community this year? Interested in challenging yourself and your leadership skills?


Access project management training, 1:1 leadership coaching, AND receive a $1000 project microgrant to lead change in our 3-month fellowship program.

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The 4-Step Gap Year Planner

Not sure where to start with your gap year planning? 


This self-paced, self-led and step-by-step guide is perfect for early planners, mid-gap year gappers and college/university students looking to make the most of their year and put a spotlight on their future.

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Gap Year Programs

What's possible on your gap year? Whether it be volunteering, interning, travelling, sailing, coding, learning French, working abroad or getting entrepreneurial, our program partners have something epic for you!

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Gap Year Scholarships

What could $1000 do for your gap year? Or maybe, $1000 is what you need to take a gap year.

Tell us what you're planning for your upcoming gap year and how we can help you make your gap year dreams a reality with a $1000 scholarship.

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Free Gap Year Planning Resources

What does it take to plan a purposeful gap year? Grab our bundle of free resources, from our goal setting worksheet to our list of gap year scholarships, giving you and your family a well-rounded idea of what's ahead.

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Gapper Connect

Looking to connect with other gap year students across the country and beyond?!

Come hang out in our international Discord server, Gapper Connect. Get planning inspo, make new friends, and enjoy rad events!

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