Considering a gap year – but feeling overwhelmed or stumped as to where to start?  We’ve got plenty of resources to help you understand the gap year pathway and the benefits it offers, decide whether a gap year is the right choice for you, and take the first steps towards planning an epic and intentional year.

Gap Year Quizzes:


FREE Downloads:

  • Getting Started Checklist

  • Questions to ask Program Providers

  • Budgeting Template

  • Passion Project Planner

  • Gap Year Plans – How to diversify your activities Planner

  • Is your kid ready for university? Checklist Planner 

  • Post-Secondary Decision-making Exercise


If you’d like to connect with a gap year expert to talk through your (or your child)’s options, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also browse our programming or read a little more about us.