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Leaping into post-secondary education isn’t always the right fit for your students.

Our Gap Year Support Membership is an annual subscription that ensures your school board, educators and student network have the right resources, information and support for gap year planning.

Senior students are starting to ask what options are available to them besides university and college,  but many teachers don’t have the resources to advise them on what’s possible.


Gap years are gaining popularity due to the rise in:

  • Mental health challenges

  • Financial barriers to accessing post-secondary

  • Student desire to better understand the changing world around them

The COVID-19 Pandemic has only accelerated the adoption of the gap year pathway. 

May 2020 saw a 1200% increase in web traffic to the CanGap website, and a yearly increase of 370% year-over-year. 

We’ve also seen tuition fees rise by 1.7% in Canada between 2020 and 2021 presenting a huge barrier for not only lower income families, but any family that’s been impacted by the pandemic.

As students’ needs change, educators need to be equipped with the right tools, resources, and programs that support their students, including those exploring the gap year pathway.


Like you, we all want to see more students succeed and head off into vibrant futures. Just because your students don’t go straight into post-secondary, doesn’t mean they’re not headed for success.

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A gap year allows students to explore experiential education opportunities, while building foundational skills before post-secondary and beyond.

The age-old stereotypical gap year (privileged youth straps on a backpack for a year) is a thing of the past.  


Most gappers work for the majority of their year or find meaningful internships or volunteer positions that help provide clarity for their future. Other gappers will start their own business or spend time improving their mental and physical health.  While travel can still be part of the equation - it is personal and professional development through experiential learning.


Generally with a gap year, we see students that are:

  • More confident and independent 

  • Clear on which post-secondary program and/or career path they’d like to pursue

  • Financially literate and aware of how to fund their education sustainably

We know that these foundational skills and attributes set students up for a bright future.


As a result, we built a platform for educators to access the information and resources that allow them to confidently serve their young people. The platform also empowers students with the right resources to make a decision about post-secondary, and plan a successful and impactful gap year and future.

What's included in your
Gap Year Support Membership:

Gap Year Kit

One per secondary school  

Our physical, in-school kits are reference guides for educators and students, similar to the typical college or university guide.

It includes:

  • Gap year program brochures

  • Gap year planning templates

  • Posters and collateral


And we’ll mail a kit for each high school to the school board’s office ready for use!

PD Info Session

Ensure your educators and guidance counsellors have updated information and resources on the gap year path to support and advise students in their post-secondary decision making.

Included in your subscription, you're board will receive one virtual PD session per year facilitated by an OCT certified teacher.


Our 4-Step Gap Year Planner for students

Our virtual planning platform ensures students understand what it takes to plan a purposeful gap year. Split into four, self-paced modules, students are provided video guidance to support them in goal setting, budgeting and researching, as well as activities and worksheets.

Your subscriptions included UNLIMITED student use of the Planner.


Teacher Resource Portal

Unlimited teacher access to our resource portal ensures teachers are always updated and equipped with new research, insight, shareable content, videos and data that can be shared with students and families.


Teenagers hiking

Additional support on a needs basis

This can include:

  • Virtual student and parent information sessions [$200 per session]

  • Virtual Gap Year planning workshops for students who have expressed interest [$200 per session]

  • Virtual Parent Involvement Committee presentations [$200 per session]

  • Pathways Panelist Presentations, gap year expert or alum [$100 per panel]

  • Other consulting services as requested

Gap Year Support Subscription

per school per year

NOTE: This is a school board subscription based on the number of secondary schools within the district.

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