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Adulting 101: The ULTIMATE Fin LIT Workshop

It's time to get fin LIT as you wind down the year and start thinking about your goals for 2024. Join us for a workshop about cash money that you'll actually enjoy.


Wednesday, December 13 | 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST

How do I actually save money? What kind of job is going to help me save money AND allow me to build skills? How do I budget for my next project, my trip abroad, or my post-secondary education?


Let's chat about what it takes to be #finlit by looking at our relationship to money, how we spend money, and how to manage money as we begin this wild journey into adulthood.


Along the way, get connected to hands-on tools, resources, and funding opportunities that will set you up for success.

Here's what our 1-hour workshop will cover:

Jazzmine Raine.jpg

Guided financial support from a

gap year and project management expert.

Jazzmine Raine leads from a background of over 10 years in project management, social impact, and experiential education. She is the proud founder of Hara House, India's first zero waste guesthouse and tourism organization, and has been recognized globally for her work in the sustainable tourism sector.


Her diverse career has spanned across multiple countries with a strategic focus on providing young people the tools and knowledge needed to solve global challenges. With a love for storytelling and leading social impact, she thrives when coaching students and young professionals in leading new, innovative ideas.

Jazzmine has been a key leader in many unique social projects such as Causeartist, Sustainable Travel Network, Studio.89 and Hara World.


Guided financial planning support for gap year and post-secondary students who's high school teachers never taught them about credit cards and student loans.

Join us on Wednesday, December 13!

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