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Youth Club Meeting

The CanGap Impact Fellowship 

Get $1000 (and all the training and mentorship you need)

to build an impact project in your community.


The CanGap Impact Fellowship is a FREE 3-month program providing gap year and post-secondary students, and recent grads, the opportunity to gain hands-on, real world experience in leadership and impact.

You chose a gap year so you could DO cool stuff and build your resume or portfolio, but how the heck do you do that with no $$$ to get started?


Or maybe you've just finished your bachelor's degree and have no idea what the heck you are supposed to do next with no real-world experience on your resume.

The CanGap Impact Fellowship is a 3-month project management program helping young Canadians (ages 17 - 25) get experience in turning ideas into real (and meaningful!) projects.

Youth Conference

So, what kind of projects can you build during your fellowship?


  • Host a fundraiser for a local women’s shelter or organization you support

  • Direct an art show that shares powerful pieces by youth in your community

  • Host a cultural dinner and evening for your neighbors and friends (celebrate black excellence, Indigenous culture, and more!)

  • Lead awareness campaigns on the dangers of fast fashion or mass tourism

  • Organize a community-wide clean-up


As long as your project highlights a community service element, social or environmental justice topic, the sky's the limit!

Program Overview and Expectations

Month One

Kick-off your project with a 4-day bootcamp where we’ll dive into your interests, your project goals, and everything you need to know to lead a kick-butt, meaningful project.

Month Two

Every Wednesday, we'll meet for skill building workshops that level-up your abilities, your confidence, and move you closer to your project goals. You’ll also meet weekly 1:1 with your Coach to keep you on track with your project.

Month Three

By the end of month three, you will have implemented your project and be responsible for evaluating and reporting on the success of it. Don’t worry if not everything goes the way you imagined - that’s where the greatest learning comes in!

Who will LOVE this program

  • You want to gain some cool experience doing something meaningful in your community

  • You want to connect with other like-minded young people

  • You want to learn from cool leaders and mentors with awesome experience 

  • You want to build your resume with real project management experience

  • You want to become more active in your community

Who won’t enjoy this program

  • You have no interest in doing something cool and meaningful in your community

  • You don’t want to learn from cool leaders and mentors with awesome experience

  • You don’t like meeting new people 

  • You literally know everything, therefore there is nothing to learn

  • You plan to take the $1000 and apply to it something unrelated to the program

Meet your facilitators and coaches

Who is this program for?

Jazzmine Raine Program Lead and Project Coach - She/her/hers

SDG Focus: Quality Education

Favorite Ice Cream: Mango or Coconut (or both!)

Book Reco.: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker


Jazzmine Raine leads from a background of over 10 years in project management, social impact, and experiential education. She is the proud founder of Hara House, India's first zero waste guesthouse and tourism organization, and has been recognized globally for her work in the sustainable tourism sector.


Her diverse career has spanned across multiple countries with a strategic focus on providing young people the tools and knowledge needed to solve global challenges. With a love for storytelling and building social impact, she thrives when coaching students and young professionals in leading new, innovative ideas.


Jazzmine has been a key leader in many unique social projects such as Causeartist, Sustainable Travel Network, Studio.89 and Hara World. 

Jazzmine Raine - Jazzmine Raine.jpg

Miranda Hersco Project Coach and Facilitator - She/her/hers

SDG Focus: Good Health and Wellness

Favorite Ice Cream: Tiramisu 

Book Reco.: Teaching to Transgress by bell hooks


Miranda is an educator and well-being advocate with over five years of experience in teaching, community development, curriculum design, youth engagement, and project management. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Ontario Tech University. Miranda also completed her master’s at the University of Glasgow and Autonomous University of Barcelona.

As a former gapper, Miranda is a firm believer in challenging traditional views of education and learning, and recognizes how transformational a gap year can be. Her gap year opened many unique opportunities including over $150,000 in scholarships, awards, and grants. With her lived experience, Miranda looks forward to supporting Impact Fellows through a person-centered and intersectional lens.

In addition to the Project Coach role, she serves as the Canada Country Representative with the Erasmus Mundus Association. She is also a Student Ambassador with the UK Council for International Student Affairs. For self-care, Miranda enjoys Latin dance, spoken word, and podcasts.

Julianne Nyasulu Project Coach and Facilitator - She/her/hers

SDG Focus: Gender Equality

Favorite Ice Cream: Matcha Green Tea

Book Reco.: Dare to Lead Brene Brown


Julianne Nyasulu is a dynamic and authentic individual with an unwavering commitment to social justice. Julianne has soaked up life's adventures across three continents—Africa, North America, and Europe and this kaleidoscope of experiences have shaped her into who she is today.

With over six years of dedicated work in community development, she brings a wealth of wisdom and skills to the table. She has honed her craft as an exceptional writer and perceptive analyst, producing more than 20 reports and publications covering topic from gender issues to human rights and education.

But Julianne's talents extend far beyond the written word. Her ability to connect with others on a deep and personal level is a testament to her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Whether forging influential stakeholder partnerships, empowering non-profit professionals to navigate career development, or supporting students in exploring the labyrinth of career possibilities, Julianne offers a compassionate hand and guiding support.

Beyond her professional accolades, Julianne is an insatiable reader, drawn to poetry, self-help literature, and stories that celebrate the rich tapestry of Africa. Her incurable wanderlust fuels her hunger for knowledge, propelling her to embrace every opportunity for growth and transformation.

Danny Lamb

Danny Lamb Project Coach and Facilitator


SDG Focus: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Danny Lamb is a Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator, Founder of Danny Lamb School Of Music, and the Co-Founder of a Music Initiative called 'A Song, A City', geared towards raising awareness of two conditions known as Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus, from Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.

His energy, and enthusiasm, is infectious and, combined with his experience in working with young people to action plan & goal set, Danny believes full heartedly in the power of young people to be not just the voice of the future, but that of today.

Kay White Project Coach and Facilitator - They/them/theirs

SDG Focus: Responsible Consumption and Production

Favorite Ice Cream: Bubblegum

Book Reco.: Life After Progress - Helena Norberg-Hodge

"No matter where you find yourself, there's always ways to be deeply connected to the local rhythm. Use that connection to inform your action."

Kay is an experiential educator, dedicated to building community and social consciousness. They have over 15 years of experience designing and running wilderness adventure curricula.


From growing up on the family farm in Alberta to trekking across the Himalayas, Kay believes in the importance of connecting to the natural world. This is reflected in their work with flood education at the Canadian Conservation Corps, helping run India's first zero-waste guesthouse in Rajasthan, and teaching conscious travel practices with Operation Groundswell.

Kelsey White

Interested in Impact Fellowship?
Register below and we'll put you on our interest list for the 2024/2025 school year.

Got questions before applying? 
We got answers!
Don’t see your question listed below? Email Jazz at

Q: How do I participate in this program?

A: Fill in your contact details to receive an application. Following submission of your application, a coach will be in touch to schedule your interview.

Q: How and when will I receive the $1000 for my project?

A: Your $1000 project micro-grant will be sent to you via e-transfer. You will need a Canadian bank account to access the funding. You will receive your $1000 project micro-grant after you’ve submitted your project budget (don’t worry - we help you build your budget!).

Q: Do I need to have a project idea already?

A: No. We can help you identify a project that suits your interests during Bootcamp. We also recommend that if you don't have an idea already, you join our October cohort (however, if you are invested in social justice already, please do join us in January).

Q: Is the Program for Canadians only?

A: Yes. You need to be a Canadian Citizen, a new immigrant, or have refugee status in Canada.

Q: How much time per week will I need to commit to my project?

A: During your 4-day Bootcamp, expect to spend up to 8 hours in virtual training sessions. For the remainder of the program, 2 - 4 hours a week includes your weekly workshops and check-ins with your Project Coach. During our workshops, you’ll be learning and doing, so many pieces of your actual project will be drafted or completed live on our virtual calls. However, the time spent outside of calls to work on ensuring your project is successful is limitless.

Q: How can I earn the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award after completing my fellowship?

A: Once you’ve completed the program, we’ll share a follow-up email with resources to support your next steps during your gap year and beyond, including how to complete your award application. To learn more about the award, click here.

Q: Would you recommend this program to someone working full-time on their gap year?

A: Absolutely! This isn’t meant to be a full-time gig. This is to support you in making the most of your gap time while still being able to accomplish everything else you have on your gap year goal setting list, like making money and seeing friends! Remember: the entire program is 3 months. You will go from idea to executed program within 12 weeks.

Q: What if I implement a service project but it doesn’t turn out how I expected?

A: This program is all about hands-on experience, and in the real world, not everything turns out exactly how we imagined. That’s why you’ll be responsible for reporting along the way so we can learn together where things went wrong and how to make sure they go right in the future. No pressure!

Q: Do I need to be on a gap year to participate in this program?

A: No. Although we work primarily with gap year students, you can also be enrolled in post-secondary education or have just graduated from your bachelors or masters. The goal of the program is to provide you with the opportunity to have hands-on experience so you feel confident in stepping into the job market.

Q: What are the absolute MUSTs of this program?

  • Your project must be a community service project and focused on a social or environmental justice goal

  • Your project must be planned, implemented and reported on between October 2023 and March 2024

  • Participation in our virtual Bootcamp is required to complete the program (this will happen during the first week of your cohort)

  • You must commit to weekly workshops and check-ins with your Project Coach (up to 3 hours per week). 

  • Complete and submit all project reporting before or on the due date associated with your cohort.

Q: How old do I need to be to participate in this program?

A: If you are between 17 and 25, you qualify!


The Impact Fellowship is funded by Canada Service Corps, a national movement that empowers youth
aged 15–30 to gain experience and build important skills while giving back to their community.
Learn more at

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