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  • Michelle Dittmer

Holiday Gifts for Gappers

With the holidays around the corner, its time to check off all of the people on your list. Maybe you have a gapper or future gapper on your list. Check out our suggestions below on what they might appreciate under the tree this year!

The Working Gapper: Many gappers spend a good portion of their gap year working to earn money, either for future travel or for their post-secondary fees – this is uncharted territory for many young adults who have been students for most of their lives – help them be successful in this transition.

  • Coffee, coffee, COFFEE (or tea) – Showing up well caffeinated is a new skill they will learn (if they haven’t already). Travel Mugs, a unique mug for their desk and gift cards for coffee shops will all be put to good use on a daily basis!

  • Make the commute more fun – headphones, music (spotify) or video (Netflix) streaming subscription, or books for the analogues in your lives.

  • Working is hard – help them wind down with some personal care – book a massage for them

  • If they aren’t required to wear a uniform, work-appropriate clothes are expensive! Believe it or not, they would really appreciate some clothes that do double-duty as everyday and work-place appropriate clothing. Don’t know their style? Get a gift card for your local mall

The Adventuring Gapper: Perhaps your gapper is heading on a plane, train or taking a roadtrip to somewhere new, maybe for the first time! New gear will support them along the way!

  • Share your points! Use your extra travel rewards points to help them out with their flights and hotels or use them to purchase some gift cards for their journey!

  • Get them a CAA membership or cover their insurance costs – its not exiting to pay for these parts of travel but, as someone looking out for the traveler, the peace of mind is worth it!

  • Gear! Maybe they need a travel backpack for carting their things from destination to destination? A good pair of hiking shoes? A microfibre towel? An inflatable travel pillow for the plane?

The Homebody Gapper: Some gappers are spending some of their time at home so it is important to honour their transition to adulthood in its own way.

  • Maybe a small reno would provide them with the opportunity to move into the basement. New phase of life, new space – a great opportunity for growth. Something smaller? Maybe repainting their room, getting a new desk/workspace is a better fit.

  • Plan a road trip together! Where would you go? What would you do? Yes, please!

  • Have an active gapper? Find a local Sport and Social club and pay for their registration to get involved. Have an artistic gapper? Find a local art class. A gamer? Registration fees for a competition. A volunteer? Fill out the applications for a unique volunteer opportunity.

Celebrating our gappers for their bold choice to grow in ways that the classroom doesn’t offer can be reflected in the gifts that we give this holiday season. Think about how they want to be spending their time and how their lives are different from their student-selves and help them fill any gaps with thoughtful gifts.

If you need additional help when it comes to deciding to take a gap year, planning your gap year or making sure your gap year is successful, check out our resources or reach out!

Happy Gapping!

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