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Stay connected to your goals!

Support System

You are about to make waves in your community, and we are going to do everything we can to help you!

As you build your project, keep in mind the goals you’ve set for yourself, and how you want to walk away from this experience. Every week we will be discussing the challenges and highlights of your journey.

We understand that success is not a straight line, and aim to assess your progress accordingly. Our goals for you and your project are that you:

  • Gain confidence in your leadership abilities

  • Feel a greater connection and build meaningful relationships within your community

  • Explore and have access to resources and tools within the framework of experiential learning

To help you feel more connected to the support of your cohort, we have put together a few optional extra-curricular activities. Take a look at the Encouragement Calendar below, or on the events section in Heartbeat!

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