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Champion your gap year by building a Gameplan.

The Gap Year Gameplan is a one-year, self-led program that gives you the structure and tools needed for you to confidently dive into your experience learning journey with the support of Gappers and Experts across Canada.

Does finally stepping outside of a classroom to learn from the world around you excite you AND terrify you at the same time?

You’re not alone. The structure of school is comforting when you’re still trying to figure out who you are and what you want in the world. And a gap year is quite the opposite.


You’re in charge of your schedule. You’re the captain of your own ship, but discovering treasure island means putting a plan of action together of how you’re going to find the gold.


Maybe you have some plans for your gap year, maybe you don’t. Maybe you started your gap year already but things aren’t going your way (hence, no gold in sight).


You’re wondering:

  • “What do I actually want to accomplish this year?”

  • “What intentional activities can I participate in outside of my work schedule?”

  • “How can I start career planning, gain experience and build my resume?”


Knowing where to start feels like a weight on your shoulders dragging you down because, well, the possibilities are endless!


But here’s the thing—there's 101 ways to make this year meaningful, purposeful, and transformative.


The catch? It’s up to YOU how you want to piece it together.


And that starts by identifying all the pieces of your gap year puzzle first so you can make a Gameplan.


That’s why we created a platform to support your ongoing learning, growing, networking, and success.

The Gap Year Gameplan

Because even though it’s a break from school, you still need a plan.


Build your unique gap year schedule while still investing in your personal growth, network, and global competencies. 

Gameplan & Accelerator Program Inclusions (1).png

Captain: YOU - Gameplan is DIY with pre-recorded video guidance and support

Your Map: Just 1-hour/week - Gameplan takes approximate 40 hours to complete


Keeps yourself on track towards your gap year goals with monthly workshops and events

Your Gameplan GPS


Meet Gappers from across the country in our Gameplan Discord and hang out at monthly social events and workshops.


Explore resources for choosing a gap year program, working abroad, building your resume, or making time for self-care.


Complete 7 self-paced modules that help you prep for adulthood while certifying you and boosting your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Your Gameplan gives you access to:

  • CanGap’s framework for earning the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award

  • 7 skill development pillars inside our Gameplan learning portal

  • Monthly career planning workshops and social events

  • Dozens of gap year programs, opportunities and scholarships

  • Nationwide community of Gappers who are in your shoes and have been in your shoes

  • Access to Gap Year Coaches and Experts via Discord

So, what type of “life skills” will you be learning (and getting certified in!) while building your Gameplan?


Project Management

Develop a project that aligns with your goals and values (you’re the leader here - make it as big or small, personal, local or even global as you want!).


Career Planning

Design your future, set milestones, outline action steps, and learn how to navigate ongoing changes throughout your professional journey.


Personal Identity

Start your journey to self discovery by unlocking and embracing the true YOU outside of the classroom and in the real world.


Health & Wellness

Take the lead on your self-care so you can learn what you need to take care of yourself so you can accomplish all your goals.


Financial Literacy

Get started on understanding how money actually works and how to navigate your finances as you grow into your independence.



Learn how to find and connect with the right people that support your professional journey during your gap year and as you enter your career.

NEW Planning - Goal Setting.png

Goal Setting

Identify the key components of a purposeful gap year and build a solid plan that allows you to bring it to life and achieve your goals.

Each digital badge helps you boost your resume and moves you closer to earning the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award.

After completing your Gameplan pillars, you'll have deepened your skills, expanded on your passions, and worked towards your incredible and limitless potential.  hat deserves to be recognized. 


Once you have earned all 7 digital badges from your pillars, you unlock access to additional learning pillars and you earn the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award.


What can this incredible achievement do for you?

  • Support your work in becoming a leader (local, global, you name it!)

  • Broaden your skill set and credibility as you enter the job market or post-secondary

  • Bring intention and purpose to your gap year

Upon achieving the Student of Leadership & Humanity Award, you'll also receive a $100 Beyond the Gap Year Scholarship powered by Future Launch!


To learn more about this incredible achievement, click here.

Your guides throughout
your Gameplan journey


Michelle Dittmer

President & Co-founder

Countries visited: 27

First job: Life guard

Fave ice cream: Mint chocolate chip

Fave thing about the Planner: Connecting your goals to actionable activities!

Archetype: Your progressive aunt - someone who has done cool things, someone you can trust, AND someone who will challenge you to be your fullest, truest self!


Jazzmine Raine

Community Manager

Countries visited: 24

First job: Newspaper delivery gal

Fave ice cream: Mango

Fave thing about the Planner: The kick-start momentum it gives you to launch your gap year!

Archetype: The energizer bunny - whenever you need a boost, I got you covered. Whether things are going great or you need extra support in the lower times, count on me to charge you up!

What our alum have to say about the Gameplan

During the 2021/22 school year, Brelan took a gap year and enrolled in our Gap Year Gameplan program while working, traveling and building her photography business.


From developing a structured health and wellness plan for herself to planning a sustainable road trip across Western Canada, check out Brelan’s experience earning the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award.

Are your parents worried about how you’re going to spend your gap year? Have them read this:

You know how incredible your teen is and how much potential they are harnessing. However, you also know you don’t want their gap year to be a waste of time filled with loneliness, unclear goals and too much Netflix.


After years of working with hundreds of gap year students across the country, we know a thing or two about keeping students motivated, inspired, and making their gap year not only memorable, but purposeful.


The Gameplan membership supports your teen with:

  • Making friends and creating community (across Canada and beyond!)

  • Accessing tangible resources for their future and career

  • Tools and new skills that teach them to be independent

  • Digital badges that set the apart from their peers, whether applying for higher education or entering the job market

  • Finding jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and programs at home and abroad


At this point on the page, I’m sure you’re pretty convinced (and your teen is pretty excited) about the value of a Gap Year Gameplan.


So, do keep reading if you’re helping them financially access the program.

Set yourself up for success,

from your gap year to

your career, with a

Gap Year Gameplan.

Did you know you can pay for CanGap programs by converting your loyalty points (i.e. Aeroplan and American Express) into HigherEdPoints? Click here to learn how!

Best Friends
College Friends

Does this sound like the PERFECT program for you, but keeping costs down is the only way you can really make your gap year happen?


There’s no way we’re going to keep you from accessing all this goodness just because of your financial situation. That's why we're THRILLED to share that thanks to RBC Future Launch, you can access a 100% sponsored Gameplan through financial aid.

Got questions?
We got answers!

Q: What do I have to do to earn the award?

A: To receive your Student of Leadership and Humanity Award, you must complete all 7 program pillars over the course of 12 months.

Q: How long does the certification take to complete?

A: It takes approx. 40 hours to complete the requirements of the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award – but, like most things, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Our goal is for you to want to spend lots of time on the real life activities that you design based on the tools and materials of this program so that you can maximize your growth, learning and gap year experience.

Q: How much freedom is there to do what I want within the framework of the program?

A: Tons! Earning the Student of Leadership and Humanity Award isn’t about telling you what to do – it’s about opening your eyes to what’s possible and providing the framework and support for YOU to decide which direction to go.

Q: Is the Award for Canadians only?

A: No! Though we are a Canadian non-profit, we welcome participants from around the globe. Depending on your location, your certification will be issued either through our organization (The Canadian Gap Year Association) or our partner organization the US-based Gap Year Association.

Q: Is this program for me if I don’t want to travel or need/plan to work on my gap year?

A: Absolutely. Whether you plan to travel, volunteer, work – or some combo of these, the Gameplan is ideal for you.

Q: Do I need to know what I’m going to do on my gap year before enrolling?

A:  No! In fact, the first step inside the portal is to help you understand your options and create your gap year plan (so it’s almost BETTER if you’re not sure what you want to do yet!).

Q: What do I have to do to receive my Student of Leadership and Humanities Certificate?

A: The Student of Leadership and Humanity Certificate is presented to all gappers who:

  1. Submit an intentional and thoughtful gap year plan

  2. Complete five required reflections related to the program pillars.

  3. Design and implement one independent project.

Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: No. We welcome participants at any stage of life but most of our students are between the ages of 17 and 25.

Q: Can I get one-on-one help if I need it?

A: Yes! If you require one-on-one support, we recommend you enroll in one-on-one gap year coaching.

Q: What if I don’t complete the requirements of the certification?

A: You won’t receive your Student of Leadership and Humanity Certificate, but will have benefited from any of the activities you choose to participate in.

Q: What measures are in place to keep participants on track?

A: There are lots of ways we keep participants motivated and moving forward including scheduled live (online) events, check-ins and encouragement through our online community and automatic reminders when you haven’t accessed the course in a while or hit a particular milestone.

Q: My parent is going to sign me up. How do I provide you my information once they do?

A: It’s often parents who do the actual enrolling – which is just fine. They should input their own information and yours during the check-out process. Once that’s complete, you'll receive details to your email about how to access your Gameplan and next steps.

Q: How can I use my award and digital badges?

A: You will receive a digital certificate as well as badges that can be used on LinkedIn and your resume to help you get into post-secondary programs and find meaningful employment.

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