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In the city

Frosh Week, but
designed for YOU

Join us for CanGap's 3rd annual (and largest!) virtual event of the year September 13 - 15, 2022.

Well, there goes high school.

Four years of hard work and YOU made it through (even under the most unimaginable circumstances!). Now, the world awaits, but you’re probably exhausted and the thought of what’s next (and actually putting a gap year plan together) can be a little overwhelming.

How will you contact with other Gappers? How will you make the most of a whole year or semester? How will you connect with like-minded people, helpful tools and cool opportunities to set yourself up for success?


It all starts at Gap Year Frosh Week!

Music festival

We’ve created a space where NO ONE will ask you to explain what a gap year is and why you’re taking one. Instead, we’re celebrating your choice because, well, we get it!


Launch into your unique year of self discovery, growth, and adventure with Gap Year Frosh Week.

Gap Year Frosh Week is the ultimate kick-off event offering up everything you need to launch into your year of purpose.

Make new friends across Canada who are also on a gap year and connect on everything from entrepreneurship to travel.

Get ahead on your gap year goals (and access tools and support to get started!) with support from Canada's Gap Year Experts and Alum community.

Create a network of mentors and peers to learn from, while getting connected to sweet job, internship and scholarship opportunities.

Start your travel, work abroad, and/or volunteer plans with access to dozens of program booths to explore in our virtual expo.

What's going down at this year's Frosh Week...



with our growing community of Gappers and Alums to chat plans, ask questions, and get excited about what’s to come this year.

Crowd Applauding


in workshops that speak to you - from how to get started on planning your travels to entrepreneurship and managing your holistic health.

Happy Friends


nightly activities, from trivia to improv, where you get to know our Gapper community and WIN awesome prizes (like seriously awesome...).

Speaker and schedule announcement coming August 22!

Curious to see who inspired us last year?


How do you make the most of your Gap Year?


Connect with the right people.


So, Hollywood may have undersold Frosh Week just a little.


Frosh isn’t just about the party. It’s about building lifelong friendships, defining who you are outside of a classroom, and connecting with inspiring leaders, speakers, and mentors as you start your new journey.


(But, yes, we’ll also party.)


Join us all three nights OR pick what suits your interests and schedule best.


That’s what we’re here for: to celebrate and support you in making every exciting decision this year.


So, will we see you there?

What our alum are saying about

Gap Year Frosh Week

Samira, 18

I really loved it! I wouldn't have expected to be able to take part in such an amazing event online. I got the motivation I needed right when I needed it and I was inspired by many people - gappers, speakers and alumni.

Angel, 17

I enjoyed being a part of Gap Year Frosh Week because it was filled with amazing people and resources that made me feel secure and more comfortable with my decision, as well as introducing me with a new community.

Rina, 18

I absolutely loved these past 3 days!! With each amazing talk and thought-provoking session, I realized more and more that my sphere of control - not only for this year but in life - is boundless. I feel so empowered, inspired, and beyond excited to make my gap year everything I want it to be!


See you there!

Got questions? We got answers!

Does it cost anything to attend?

Nope! Our generous sponsors have helped make this event possible so you can just ENJOY!

Do I need to attend live?

We’d love to see your good lookin’ face on screen with us live, but we get that everyone’s schedule is different. If you aren’t able to join live, we’ll send you replays via email.

Will I be able to connect with other Gappers?

100%! We’ve curated TONS of time for networking and connecting with other Gappers and alums to share plans, experiences, and ask all the questions!

Is it going to be fun?


Do I need to be on a gap year to attend?

Nah. If you’re simply looking for a community that understands freedom and self growth, fun and travel, you should definitely join us.

Do I need to keep my camera on?

Again, we love seeing those smiles, but we also get that being on camera all day can be exhausting. Click your camera on and off whenever you feel like.

How many people will be attending?

This year we’re expecting over 200 participants from across Canada after the success of last year’s event (which hosted 115 awesome Gappers!).

I’m taking a break from my PSE program. Is this event relevant to me?

Absolutely! If you’re taking a break because you’re burned out or confused about your next step, this event will help bring clarity, focus, and inspiration to your journey.

What am I really going to get out of this?

Not much, just...a new community, inspiration, planning support, health and wellness support, networking tools, enjoyment, free stuff...yeah, not much at all.

Are the speakers and facilitators being paid?

Absolutely! One of our biggest values at CanGap is respecting people’s time, energy, skills and passions. All our speakers and facilitators are paid and all our events are KICK BUTT (again, thanks to our generous sponsors!).