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Everyone’s talking “Languishing”

Updated: May 20, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are looking through life through a foggy windshield?

Well, the NYT wrote an article all about that blah feeling, and don’t worry because many people are feeling this way. It’s called languishing and it’s REAL. It’s not depression, but it's definitely not thriving, and we often feel stagnant and empty.

Many people fear that they will not thrive on their Gap Year and especially NOW coming off of more than a year of a Global Pandemic that is taking over our lives and stealing our joy, Gappers are uncertain and worried!

GOOD NEWS - there are some great tips on how you can prevent or redirect feelings of languishing in your gap year. Take a listen to some of our top tips!

The Biggest Fear about your Gap Year

One of the worst feelings is seeing the time in your gap year slip by, and you do not have any control. However, it is important to remember that you are in control of your gap year (and you have support through the Gap Year) and that you can take steps to structure your year to gain clarity!

Gap Year Languishing

Your Gap Year can become stagnant if you are not utilizing your time efficiently and actively going out to make progress on your goals. Stagnancy may occur from you putting restrictions on your gap year and not stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, it is important to remember that this is YOUR Gap Year! You have the permission to make a change and find something that will serve you better.

And, this can become very overwhelming, but do not worry, because the CanGap Association has programs and workshops set up to help you through this.

Weekly Workshops: Connect with Gap Year experts, who will help you brainstorm ideas, aid in researching opportunities or help you structure your year.

Dream Design Workshop: A PHENOMENAL workshop to build your dream gap year!

Your Network: Through the many workshops and social events that CanGap hosts, make sure to connect with your peers. You may find someone with similar interests and want to collaborate on a project idea!

What does “Finding your Purpose” Mean?

The question of “What is my Purpose” is extremely overwhelming, and when this question overcasts us - we languish! When we can’t answer this question, we may feel like we are not working towards serving our purpose.

But, there are 2 very important things to remember!

  • You do not need some huge life purpose in order to feel fulfillment or be successful!

  • As you progress through life, you will find smaller purposes that will shape who you are.

Setting smaller goals/purposes will allow you to progress and move forward. For example, shoveling the driveway for an elderly neighbour during the winter time!

Exploring your Purpose can also be achieved through the Gap Year Gameplan!

The Gameplan has a built in award system called The Student of Leadership & Humanities Award, this has 7 pillars, that once you work through you will earn a badge to put on your resume. Over your gap year, you will continually progress and achieve your goals. This is an amazing framework to structure your year and move forward!

Never hesitate to reach out and connect with us!

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