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Meet Hardeep!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Hello my name is Hardeep, currently on my Gap Year, and an ambassador for the Canadian Gap Year Association.

I'm making these videos to share my journey with you about why I took a Gap Year and what challenges I face throughout and how the story of my challenges can help you be better prepared for them and how you can make the best out of your Gap Year, if you decide to take one.

To start and introduce myself, I took a Gap Year because from green light to green 11 I was pretty much an average student. I had this impostor syndrome throughout my life pretty much so I was not one of those overachieving students, right? Like I was pretty average, but in grade 12, but I went above and beyond when I pushed over my comfort zone and worked really hard, I felt like I do have a lot of things to offer to this world.

Hardeep - 00:57

I took this Gap Year to find myself, to really explore my interests that I didn't get to before, such as taking some math courses that I was so scared to take before and lead and be a project team lead for a nonprofit organization.

All in all, my experiences have been very exceptional and they have led me to in the end achieve very high marks, do some very meaningful work in the nonprofit organization that I joined and that has allowed me to be accepted into Western University Social Sciences and Honours of Business Administration program that EO status with a $72,000 scholarship, which I did not expect, trust me.

Hardeep - 01:50

I'm going to be making videos about study techniques that I adopted. How I stayed productive throughout my Gap Year, how I kept my mental health sane and how I pushed to find a support system through my Gap Year, which can be isolating, and most importantly, how it got comfortable by being myself a lot of the time.

A Gap Year, I believe, essentially an introduction to adulthood. Because it can get lonely. You know I'm going to be very truthful, but when you overcome it, I think it has prepared me so well for the future that is coming and it has really matured me as a person while just being like 19 years old.

Hardeep - 02:35

So I hope that the information I offer you is going to help you be better prepared for your Gap Year.

It might even help you even decide if you want to take a Gap Year or not, because it can get hard, but trust me it is also an exceptional time because I think it has been the best decision of my entire life.

So hope you find these videos meaningful and you know like, comment and subscribe to this introduction video and for the coming videos, if you have any questions whatsoever about my journey, feel free to email me that I'll link in the bio of this video or message me on my Instagram account that I've also linked below. See you on the flip side.

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