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Meet Grace!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Grace - 00:00

Hey, what's up you guys? My name is Grace Keeping and this is my first ever YouTube video.

I'm super excited about it and you may be asking why am I making a YouTube video?

Well I am going to be taking a Gap Year this year and I am super excited about that.

And on top of that I am now officially a Canadian Gap Year Ambassador. That's so exciting and I hope you guys can follow along. So let's get started.

Grace - 00:38

First I just want to share a bit of my life. So, I'm 18 years old. A fresh 18. I'm very excited to be an adult. I Live in St. John's, NL, Canada. So we are the most easterly point in Canada and we are an island and I think living on an island is kind of where I got my love for the outdoors, doing outdoor activities and also being on the water.

Grace - 01:04

I love being outside and that's also a big part of my Gap Year is going to be outside adventuring.

Another big part of my life is human connection. I love meeting new people. I love growing as a person and you know meeting people from different paths of life, and I think that's something else that is gonna tie in really well to my Gap Year. I'm always down to try something new because you never know if you never try. I know that's a cheesy quote, but I always love trying new things and it’s another thing I’m excited for.

Grace - 01:42

I decided to take a Gap Year because of so many different reasons, but one of them is because University Admissions and stuff started rolling around. I decided you know what? I don't know exactly what I want to do so I wanna do something different.

I wanna go and I wanna explore and grow for myself and really be sure of what I want to do when I grow up. So that's kind of where I decided that and I actually got the idea from my mom because when she was younger she took a Gap Year and she was able to explore and grow as a person and really decide what she wanted to do when she grew up and that helped her a lot.

Grace - 02:22

So through seeing that I decided you know what I'm going to do that too. So I did a ton of research and I got a really good amount of programs going on the go. So I'm really excited for that.

I have one program in which I'm traveling across the Atlantic on a sailboat which is so exciting because I love the ocean and I love to travel and I think it's really going to help me grow mentally and it's supposed to be a challenging thing, but also a very amazing experience, so I'm very excited for that.

Then I'm also going to be backpacking and doing a lot of travel that way as well, and experiencing a lot of different cultures, and I'm someone who's also big on learning about different cultures and meeting new people as well, so I think that's a really great thing that I'm going to do, and hopefully that will, you know, inspire some people at home as well to do similar things, so definitely follow along because I'll be doing more videos like that!

Grace - 03:26

Alright guys, that's it for my first ever Gap Year Ambassador Video. Thank you so much for watching and be sure to like and subscribe cause you won't want to miss this amazing adventure. Thanks see ya!

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