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A day in the life of a Gap Year student (at sea!) with CanGap Ambassador Grace

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Grace - 00:00

Hi, hello and welcome back to another video. My name is Grace Keeping, and once again I am a CanGap ambassador and this is my Gap Year so I can't wait to share what's up and what's been going on with me.

I am currently on a boat! Through SeaMester, which is a Gap Year program in which I also get college credits, I can't wait to share with you a bit about what's been going on and really dive in deep.

But first before that. This video is going to be a tour of my beautiful home Bella. It's been a month and I already love her to death and I can't wait to show you more. Let's get started!

Grace - 00:48

I'm currently in the companionway and this is where our life usually happens. There's usually a big lineup for our foreheads that we do. This is the emergency stair ladder that is very steep, so I usually do not use it. And yeah, we also have a hatch up there and it's great circulation.

OK, so next we have the bedrooms that are very nice, a little cramped but overall great for six people.

Grace - 01:27

Sometimes it can get a little crunchy but we do enjoy the space overall except for maybe the hooks they get a little a little squat.

Next room. Here's our bathrooms, if you can see, they are a little tight, but we clean them three times a day. We have four and we try to keep them lasting as long as possible.

Grace - 02:01

All right here we are in the place where I spend the most time which is the Salon and the Galley.

This is what we call the BUBBALOO or some people do at least, and our water bottles are here.

We have apples which are one of my favorites, to say the least. This is where we study.

Currently we are doing some work for all of our classes. Our classes include oceanography, seamanship, leadership and marine biology and it's going great. We also make some tea.

Grace - 02:36

This is the Galley where we cook, this is Clara, and yeah, basically where all the magic happens so that we can eat. So a lot of intense thinking is going on here.

And there's a Med box over there which I like to take seasick medicine from when we are on passage, because that's always an enjoyable part of my passage. Yeah, so oh I almost forgot.

Grace - 03:09

Here is the chore wheel in which we spend each day and it determines your job. Today I was Trashmaster. It was very enjoyable. That was very enjoyable. Now we are up on deck of our beautiful home, Bella, I love it.

Grace - 03:35

This is my favorite and now this is probably one of my favorite spots. The bowsprit in which we spend most of our time lounging around relaxing, chatting, and listening to music. Some people even play guitar, and it's really cool. We write our own song, so stay tuned. You might get a sneak peak of one of those. Yeah, and I'll give you a tour of the deck now. So this is another angle of the on deck and I'm going to the back of the boat where we like to drive the boat.

Grace - 04:11

So this is the cockpit in which you know we sit down. We have meals. We drive the ship whenever we have a nice navigation thing here I'll cover it up. And you know, we like to sit here for our meals. We clean it up after we spray it down and there is the very back of our boat in which we have our flag.

Grace - 04:41

And yeah, alright, that concludes our video today. I just wanted to say thank you for watching.

I really appreciate it. And please follow along. I have so much more to share with you and I can't wait to really dive deep into this Gap Year and what it means and all the adventures I'm going to have. And I'm so excited you're here to join me. Once again, I am a CanGap ambassador. See you next time.

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