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5 Gap Year Takeaways with Tanisha

Updated: May 24, 2022

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful afternoon in late August and school is just around the corner. Suddenly, an opportunity comes along inviting you to work at a start-up downtown Toronto researching Quantum Computer and there’s an awesome apartment lease waiting for your signature.

Which do you choose?

For Tanisha, she chose her passion for Quantum Computing. Listen to her captivating story!

Who is Tanisha?

Tanisha was born in India and immigrated to Canada at 7 years old. Throughout her elementary and highschool careers, she has always excelled in her academics, being part of the prestigious International Bachelorette (IB) Program at her highschool, she was also well versed in the world of extra curriculars.

In addition, she joined the Knowledge Society. This program gave her valuable mentorship and helped develop her passion for physics, and peaked her curiosity of how this can be integrated with technology. Overtime, she familiarizes herself with Quantum Computing, a fascinating technology that will help to solve the world's impossible problems.

Was a Gap Year always in the cards?

Pursuing a Gap Year was never encouraged at school or by her parents, in fact, Tanisha was fully prepared to return to school in the fall. However, she was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity: to be able to work with a Toronto start-up who researched Quantum computing.

How could she pass up such a golden opportunity?

At first, Tanisha did think about the opportunity cost.

  • Going to school meant that she would miss out on this exciting opportunity, not only to work alongside the world’s brightest researchers, but to continue learning about her passion.

  • Pursuing this opportunity meant that she would just start post-secondary one year later, and post-secondary would always be there!

As a result, Tanisha took the risk and embarked on her amazing journey.

In this episode, Tania mentions the pros and cons of a gap year, how to plan a gap year effectively, and how to take action on your goals (psst! Which is what our Gap Year Gameplan helps you do!).

Parents' response to taking a Gap Year?

For many gappers, having the talk about taking a gap year can be intimidating. For Tanisha, it was no different. Her parents had a traditional way of thinking and the thought of a Gap Year never crossed their mind.

When introducing the idea of a gap year to her parents, Tanisha faced a lot of NO’s. But she didn’t quit. She shared her reasoning behind taking the risk and the impact that this opportunity could have on her future. In the end, her parents agreed. Now, they couldn’t be happier and more proud of what their daughter accomplished during her Gap Year.

Tanisha’s Gap Year Adventures

As mentioned before, Tanisha works at a Quantum Computing startup in Toronto, which is based out of a research lab at Harvard University. There are leading scientists and researchers on the team who are developing software platforms and algorithms that will help solve the world’s unsolvable questions.

In addition, Tanisha moved out of her parents home and lived with a few of her friends in Toronto. She would often go to UofT’s library to study and socialize with her friends.

Biggest Challenges

With moving out comes an overwhelming amount of responsibility and emotional rollercoasters. Learning to be independent and having control over every aspect of your life, which previously you relied on your parents for, can be exhausting

Similar to many post-secondary students who move into their dorms, the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and doing your own laundry definitely piles up (pun intended). On the flip side, you have the freedom to have a little more fun. Whether that is a trivia night with friends or going out for a nice dinner - balance is key.

Gap Year Growth

Tanisha’s joy for life and independence grew immensely through her gap year. Before her gap year, she lacked self belief and confidence, but now being in the real world, she began to believe in herself more and get comfortable outside of her comfort zone.

Exploring the world first hand has given Tanisha a new perspective and new curiosities, allowing her to better understand society and how she can make a positive impact. Being in the real world allows you to learn more about yourself and the role you play within it.

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