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Join CanGap's Parent Corner - a hub for parents of older teens & emerging adults

… Because a Parent’s Job is Never Done…

Starting solids, Mommy & Me sing-alongs, Junior Kindergarten Orientation – they sound much cuter than Your Kid’s Adult Future, Surviving the Teen Years, Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll: How to address problematic behaviours.


They say, small kids, small problems – bigger kids, bigger problems.  But most problems when parenting an older teen aren’t really problems at all, but natural “coming of age” experiences that are stressful and difficult to navigate as a teen AND as their parent.   And, for the most part – we are not supported the same way we were with our babies and toddlers.

Being the parent of a teenager is exciting, frustrating, rewarding (and hilarious) but navigating it all can be overwhelming, and it doesn’t feel natural to still need help because everyone’s “got it all figured out.”


The CanGap Parent Corner is a community of people who don’t have “it all figured out” but want to find the best way to support their kid in transitioning from a teenager into a happy, healthy & successful young adult (that moves out of your house).  Some days it’s an extra coffee (or a glass of wine), some days it’s a shoulder to cry on, while others it is gathering more information and resources – we all need support in this journey.


Get an idea of what is inside....

The CanGap Parent Corner is a membership that gives you access to:

  • A drama-free, no-judgment virtual community – you get enough drama from your teen and whose kid hasn’t made a mistake… - for gathering resources, sharing your experiences, learning from other parents, venting when things feel like too much

  • Activities to share with your teen to strengthen your connection & support their future

  • Monthly Workshops for YOU to be your best self and the best parent to your kids.  Topics include: Getting your kid to open up, Post-secondary Financial planning, Finding your identity as an empty-nester, how to let your kid grow up)

  • Bi-monthly book club, fiction and non-fiction books (or audio books) that will power up your parenting powers

  • Early Access and Discounts to CanGap Parenting events & programs for teens

  • Access to amazing parenting coaches and mentors who can guide you along your journey

Who this is for:

This is for parents who want to help their kid become a healthy adult while maintaining their own sanity and their relationship with their kid. Its for parents who what to guide their kid and see them flourish into the person they were meant to be.

Who this is NOT for:

Parents who have all the answers.  Parents who want to control the destiny of their kids or parents who have kids with highly-specific needs.  This is a community for your average parent with your average teen.


Join this exclusive group, build a community of caring, thoughtful peers while keeping your kid anonymous & get access to expert support.

Founding Member Rate: $59/month OR $495/year

(30% discount for GPS gapper Parents)

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