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How to travel and make money on your gap year as an AuPair with Natalia

Updated: May 20, 2022

Do you enjoy working with kids, would love to stay with a host family abroad, are up for adventure AND looking to make some money? Maybe becoming an AuPair is a good fit for your gap year experience!

Natalia joins Michelle on the podcast to share the AuPair experience as the Marketing Coordinator at AuPair in America, connecting young adults across the world to AuPair opportunities in the United States.

So, what exactly is an AuPair?

An AuPair is an individual who travels to a different country and lives with a host family as a child-care provider. AuPair, meaning “On Par”, or equal to, isn’t just about being the babysitter or nanny, it’s about becoming a part of a host family and exploring a different culture and country.

So, what type of people would make a great AuPair?

  • You’ve just finished highschool or higher education and are not quite sure of what you want to do next (ahem, a Gapper!).

  • You’re interested in taking an intentional break from formal education and living in a new environment.

  • You’re interested in making some money.

  • You have 200 hours of childcare experience.

  • You like travelling, making new friends, meeting new people, and improving your English (or foreign language) skills.

  • You want to develop your skills, especially if they are going into education and childcare.

Interest in learning more about AuPair in America? Click here!

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