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How to tackle post-secondary conversations over the holidays

Updated: May 20, 2022

Feeling a little anxious about all those post-secondary questions your uncle, grandma and neighbour will be asking you over the holiday break?

Whether you’re considering a gap year, clear on your post-secondary path, or totally unsure about your next step, we got you covered with this short and value-packed episode.

In this holiday special, Michelle covers how to tackle conversations about post-secondary (especially when you have yet to make a decision!), questions to think about as you head into the holidays, and how to prepare yourself so you feel comfortable and confident in leading the conversation with family and friends.

Need a handy resource to help you handle the gap year conversation with your parents? Grab our cheat sheet by clicking here.

We also have another helpful episode you may want to dive into that is ALL about talking to your parents about taking a gap year.Check it out!

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