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The Lost Girls Guide to Finding the World with Ashlyn George

Updated: May 20, 2022

What is your top bucket list goal? Is it to go skydiving, swim with sharks, or run a marathon? Well, for Ashlyn George, her goal was to chase the sun for an entire year!

After graduating from university, she curated a 6-month plan to travel through Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, exploring new cities, eating delicious cuisines and experiencing things that she never imagined. Ashlyn thought, “if I can spend 5 years getting an education, why can’t I spend 5 years of my life seeing the world?”

What started out as a journey to accomplish her travel goals soon became her full time job. Now, Ashlyn is an award winning travel writer, photographer, content creator and speaker!

In this episode, catch all of Ashlyn’s travel advice for pursuing your passions with intent and purpose, travel tips, and top experiences!

Psst! If you want to bring your parents on board for your gap year so that you can travel, check out our4-Step Gap Year Planner which covers how to talk to your parents about your gap year and includes steps to start planning and research your gap year!

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