Gap Year PD & Education Subscription

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Nazra N.

“One of the things I realized is that university, college or school is just one path. It’s not THE path. There are so many paths you can create for yourself.”-

Reni W (Parent)

I would rather they take time to determine what they want to be doing and where they want to be going and what they want to be studying rather than hoping they are doing to finish something quickly... and then it wasn't the right choice.

Alexandre R.

...I could have given up entirely on post-secondary, I could have given up on myself. I could have done so many things that could have led me to paths where I wouldn't have been happy. But I dared to dream and I made space for bigger things to happen. I got here because I questioned myself, I questioned what was around me and I allowed myself to believe there was something more.”

Gap Years have been proven to help student develop confidence, independence and gain clarity on future pathways.  They are a tool for mental health, financial need, career exploration and testing out entrepreneurship or a unique combination of skills while keeping options open for future higher education. 

With gap years on the rise in North America, accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic, rising tuition costs and desires for innovative experiential learning opportunities, the Canadian Gap Year Association (CanGap) seeks to support those who advise students with tools, resources and information so they can better serve their young people.

CanGap acknowledges that guidance, pathway and career professionals are asked to be knowledgeable in many domains.  With this in mind, CanGap provides accessible and compressive yet concise resources so that students and young people are getting accurate information and are connected with resources that will support them in deciding if a gap year is the right decision for them, and if it is, ensuring that the time is purposeful, intentional and moves them forward in their lives.

As a non-profit with a mission to remove barriers to gap year participation, the Canadian Gap Year Association offers School Board/District annual subscriptions that benefit guidance and pathway professionals as well as the students and families they serve.

Consider providing your secondary students with the opportunity to be aware of the supports available to them should they decide to delay entering university/college or the world of work.

The Canadian Gap Year Association has a subscription enabling school boards/district to provide current resources to teachers, students, and parents.

The package includes:

  • 1 physical gap year kit per secondary school   (mailed to board office)
    Kits are intended to be used by educators and students as reference guides, similar to college/university guides. 
    It includes:

    • gap year program brochures,

    • gap year planning black-line-masters

    • posters

  • A board-specific virtual PD session (live with an OCT certified teacher)
    (Also available are virtual student/parent information evenings: $200 each)

  • Unlimited teacher resource portal access

    • Social media content swipe file

    • School Newsletter swipe copy

    • Informational Videos for assemblies/website use

    • Digital Gap Year Kit for electronic distribution

    • Recommended Links for students, parents and educators

    • Gap Year Data


  • Unlimited Student use of Gap Year Planning Toolkit (normally a $95 value per student)


PRICE: $250/school annually

NOTE: This is a district/school board subscription based on the number of secondary schools.