Image by Chris Barbalis

You're IN!

You've done it!  You have committed to planning an amazing gap year!

I am so excited to work with you to make sure that this year is one to remember (for all the right reasons).  You will get access to some great resources, great people and find what you need to make the most of this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

💥Check your email for your login details for our online portal of resources!  Its soaring through the internet as we speak (don't forget your junk folders, sometimes it ends up there!)

💥 Gappers, please join our Discord Server, introduce yourself, and poke around. This is where you will connect mostly with your peers (but also our team of Gap Year Experts).

💥 Parents, please join us inside our private Facebook Group where we will be sharing parenting tips and hosting webinars to help you on your parenting journey.  We will discuss how support your young person to become more independent and use their gap year to the fullest.

I look forward to chatting with Gappers and thier families!  See you soon!