Personalized Recommendations

No matter where you are on the gap year decision-making spectrum, we're here to guide you through your next steps.  Our 60-minute consultation is great resource for families and their gappers to tap into over a decade worth of experience with gap year planning. 
What to expect:
  • We work with the gapper AND the family to learn more about the family's and gapper's situation (everyone is unique)
  • We help clarify expectations of the gap year from all sides
  • We provide expert advice on next steps for the gap year during the call
  • We follow up with concrete program/specialist recommendations that fit the goals of the gapper and family.
Who books this? 
Parents, guardians and young adults/students can book a consultation.  Have a child in high-school or post-secondary talking about gap year?  Are you graduating from post-secondary and need some support with deciding next steps?  We're experts in asking good questions.  
Cost: $250/ 60 minute for a Skype or Phone Call Consultation (Add $100 for in-person GTA-based consultations as approved by CanGap staff based on availability and location)