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What It’s Like To Spend A Gap Year At Neuchâtel Junior College in Switzerland with Jack Moser

Updated: May 20, 2022

If you've ever dreamt of going to Switzerland, you’ll wanna hear Jack Moser’s story about his gap year at Neuchâtel Junior College.

In this episode, he paints a beautiful picture of Switzerland and his incredible time in Neuchâtel while describing the town, his daily commute, his class schedule, the Canadian school curriculum and his amazing Canadian teachers. Discover why he said it was the best year of his life and what life was like in Switzerland during the pandemic. He also describes some of his exciting travel adventures with friends and the strong support he received from his host family. Be sure to listen to the end as he shares some advice with students who may be thinking about spending their gap year abroad or going to Neuchâtel Junior College.

Topics Discussed

  • What led him to discover Neuchâtel Junior College and why he decided to attend school in Switzerland.

  • Why his trip to Switzerland taught him independence and the situation on graduation night that made him realize he had become an adult.

  • The daily journey to Neuchâtel Junior College with classmates, the train schedule and how different seasons impact their commute.

  • Why Neuchatel’s proximity to the French border made it easy to travel to France and other nearby cities, its main establishments and what the city looks like.

  • Why he felt that his gap year in Switzerland was the best year of his life, how it changed him and how his friendships gave him a strong sense of belonging there.

  • How his planned class trips to different European cities didn’t happen during the pandemic but resulted in him and his friends travelling to different cities within Switzerland.

  • The key highlight of his trip: Spring Break in Zermatt where he learned and taught his friends how to ski, and how the experience upgraded his skiing skills by 5 years.

  • Practical advice for students who may be thinking about travelling abroad or going to Neuchâtel Junior College.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Neuchâtel Junior College -

  • Trinity College -

  • University of Denver -

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