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Leading a Bilingual Gap Year with Barbara

Updated: May 20, 2022

We often feel compelled to keep going, to finish that degree or to pursue more years of higher education, even when a voice in our head tells us to take a break or to change paths.

Now, changing your plans is not easy to do, in fact, it takes a great amount of self-awareness and courage to pursue an idea or an opportunity outside of your comfort zone. However, these changes in life often lead to the most incredible discoveries.

In this episode of the podcast, Barbara shares her experience participating in the Explore Program and Odyssey Program, offered by the Official Languages Program.

The Odyssey program is a bilingual, paid work experience that provides opportunities for post-secondary students to travel to another province to teach English to students while being immersed with the Quebecois culture.

The Explore program is a 3-5 week french immersion program with structured classes and workshops that is offered in the Spring and Summer.

Applications to both the Odyssey and Explore Program are live! Apply through the Official Languages Program Website.

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