In fact, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to take an intentional step off the conveyor belt of life to:

Discover who you really are

Develop life skills

Build independence

See the world

Shore up your finances

Make a difference

Gain real world experience

Build up your resume

Figure out your ‘next steps’


The catch?

These results hinge on your gap year being purposeful and meaningful – which is where we come in.

The CanGap Certificate Program

Offered by The Canadian Gap Year Association, the CanGap Certificae is a program for ‘gappers’ (as we call them!) who want to make the very most of their time ‘in between’ and have something to show for it at the end.


It is a flexible ‘choose your own adventure’-style experience that will guide you through the process of intentionally planning your year gap year, executing on it in a meaningful way and reflecting on what you learned – while providing an opportunity to connect with both mentors and other gappers along the way.  


Unlock the tools, coaching, framework and support you need to plan an epic and purposeful gap year based on your needs, interests and goals.


Live out the gap year of your dreams – with the ongoing support, mentorship and resources you need to stay on-track, motivated and productive.


Be part of a community of people on a similar journey to yours and connect with coaches, resources and mentors.


Share what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown by completing ‘Life Lessons’ for each of the program’s five pillars (‘Who am I?’, ‘My Wellness’, ‘My Finances’, ‘My Future’ and ‘Mentorship’)



The CanGap Certificate is the signature offering of the Canadian Gap Year Association, a non-profit organization that advocates for the gap year pathway and connects families to resources for purposeful gap year planning and execution.


We believe in – and have seen firsthand MANY times over – the positive impact a gap year can have on a young person in terms of confidence, leadership, clarity and direction. There is also a direct correlation between gap years and both higher grades AND better employability.


Under the leadership of our Director and gap year expert Michelle Dittmer, we’re here to provide the tools, resources, support and connections you need to plan and execute on an epic year, whatever that looks like for you.  


Hey parents (this section is for you)!

We know the thought of your child taking a pause can be scary. But it’s actually one of the very best things they can do for themselves and their future prospects – if they do it right.


Through the CanGap Certification we’re here to provide your child with everything they need to make their gap year a productive and meaningful experience – and ensure they have something tangible to show for all the growth, learning and self-discovery that is sure to happen along the way.


We understand a parent’s desire to be in the loop, so we’ve created an onboarding experience just for you that will give you a peek into the system, an overview of the expectations of the program and resources to support your gapper. There’s also a closed Facebook group for gapper parents with quarterly parent-only Facebook Live events featuring gap-related experts.


In other words, we’ve got you!

“We had that 30,000 foot idea of what a gap year would look like, but you were instrumental to have the tools to zeroing down to what that gap year would actually look like.”


Mary B., Gap Year Parent



Everything you need to have an epic and intentional gap year is waiting for you inside the CanGap Certificate, including:

Video lessons

10+ worksheets

Dozens of digital resources

15+ support modules

50 hours of gap year expert support (one office hour/week)

Onboarding orientation group call (offered every month)

Community and connection with other gappers (and gap year experts) via Slack

Monthly virtual workshops with special guest experts

VIP access to gap year events and program discounts

The opportunity to earn a digital badge and certificate for your resume and LinkedIn profile.


This represents more than $2500 worth of value,

which you can access for $200 - $700.*

Our ‘pay what you can’ enrollment model offers three price points:


$200 | $500 | $700


(CAD + applicable tax)

We ask that you select the fee that feels right for you based on your income and gap year budget. Those who are able to pay a higher amount will be helping to offset the cost for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the program due to financial reasons.


*Reduced fees are made possible thanks to government funding and the generous support of corporate sponsors. If you are unable to afford the subsidized fee, please email info@cangap.ca and we will make it work.


The Student of Leadership and Humanity Certificate


The Student of Leadership and Humanity Certification is presented to all program participants who:

  1. Submit an intentional and thoughtful gap year plan

  2. Complete five required reflections related to the focus areas of the program ( ‘Who am I?’, ‘My Wellness’, ‘My Finances’, ‘My Future’ and ‘Mentorship’)

  3. Design and implement one independent project



Gappers who complete these requirements will receive a digital certificate as well as a badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn and/or your resume.

Why Certify Your Gap Year?

Improve post-secondary and career prospects

Increase motivation and track your progress

Ensure your year is purposeful

Achieve a certificate and badges for your resume and LinkedIn profile


Is the CanGap Certificate for me?

The CanGap Certificate is perfect for you if you’re taking a gap year and:

  • Want to make the most of this unique opportunity

  • Are open to growth, learning and personal development

  • Want help creating your plan and/or staying on track throughout the year

  • Like the idea of connecting with a peer group of gappers

  • Want to travel and/or volunteer and/or work (any/all of the above can be part of your plan!)


This is a flexible, ‘choose your own adventure’-style program that will provide the framework and support you need to make the most of your year regardless of why you’re taking it or how you plan to spend it.


That said, the CanGap Certification probably ISN’T a great choice for you if:

  • Your parents are forcing you to do it

  • Growth or personal development aren’t your thing

  • You aren’t willing to put some effort into the program

  • Completing tasks independently is a challenge for you (in which case one-on-one coaching may be a better choice)

  • You already have ‘all the answers’ and are sure you won’t need any help along the way 🤪


…having a memorable and fulfilling gap year with the following to show for it:


  • Better leadership, decision-making and communication skills

  • Clarity regarding your ‘next steps’ and path ahead

  • A whole new understanding of yourself

  • Increased confidence and independence

  • New friends and connections who ‘get it’

  • A robust resume filled with real world experience

  • Tangible proof of all you’ve learned and accomplished


This is the opportunity before you today. Research shows that a gap year is one of the best things you can do for your health, wellbeing and future prospects – and we would LOVE to help you make the most of yours.


“You’re only going to get out of it what you put into it.  For me, it was trying to think about how I could make the most of this year... Just having people around, you to give you guidance so you can go to when you need help.  For me that was lots of people, not just one person.  The entire gap year was really good at helping me build my confidence.”

Max B., 2019 Gapper

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Q: My parent is going to sign me up. How do I provide you my information once they do?

Q: Is the certification for Canadians only?

Q: Are there age restrictions?

Q: What measures are in place to keep participants on track?

Q: Can I get one-on-one help if I need it?

Q: Are you a business?

Q: Is this certificate your only offering?

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